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I was born on the 27th of January 1994 and had been playing the guitar since 2004.

I started with classical guitar and then moved to the electric once I passed the admission test and entered Benevento's Conservatory of music in 2009. Further up on the road, I started taking electric guitar lessons from Ciro Manna but stopped after a few years because of the Conservatory's commitment. I finally got my MA in October 2016 in classical guitar under the guidance of M° Mario Fragnito.

Even if my experience in the Conservatory had its ups and downs, I had the luck of meeting some wonderful people and great teachers, like M° Renato Gaudiello, who was my harmony and analysis instructor. He inspired me to differentiate myself from other players by not being just another performer on a long list. I decided I wanted him to be my mentor, so I started taking private lessons in jazz harmony and theory alongside classical composition, theory, counterpoint and orchestration.

​After some time, I enrolled in a Basic Home Recording course held at Karma Conspiracy Studio (now Monolith Recording Studio) by Sound Engineer Phil Liar, and I learned the basics of recording and mixing.

Since I've always loved video games, in 2018, I decided to consider the career path of composer and sound designer.

In 2021, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Scoring for Film And Media Program at Benevento's Conservatory with a Master's Degree on the Technical Evolution of Video Game Music.

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