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Episode 2 of ReaDone is LIVE!

Alright folks, I finished the mockup to Uncharted's "Nate's Theme" last friday, I recorded, edited the video of the performance and uploaded it on YouTube, you can check it out here.

I took the chance of testing out my new Strings Template, I usually go for Symphony Collection Strings Ensemble, but I recently created a Kontakt multi using Session Strings Pro and since I also took some sweet time to program the articulation map on Reaticulate, I was eager to hear how it sounded. Not bad at all! It's a more "modern" string sound for sure, especially if it's compared to Symphony, but it's good nevertheless.

On a side note, I decided to completely ditch Shotcut: I recorded all the time I spent making this mockup and I wanted to upload it soon, so I found myself having to edit 12+ hours of video. Since some people may found interesting how a mockup gets made, I wanted to upload just the highlits of the project, explaining what I did during the process as a "Behind the scenes" video.

I started editing the footage saturday morning at 9:30, by 16:00 I was at video eight out of twenty, everything was proceding up to schedule... but then something weird happened: I must have hit a key without noticing it because, after a few minutes of work, I realised the timeline was all messed up, the subtitles weren't where they were supposed to be.

I then started navigating in the undo history of Shotcut, trying to restore the project to its former beauty, when that SOB crashes on me out of the blue.

"Count to ten and breathe", I said to myself. "Things like these are expected when you're working with open source software".

I opened Shotcut again, reloaded the project and it turned out Shotcut considered THAT fucking keystroke that messed up all my work as his "backup saving point".

I really wanted to recover the work I did up to that point, but there's no way of understanding what happened exactly, it must have expanded the opening credits image, overwritten the first cuts of the video and therefore, moved all the cuts in the timeline (that's why the subs don't match with the cuts).

Adding insult to injury, Shotcut doesn't allow multiple selection of the elements in the timeline, that means that even if I wanted to restore the project as it was, I would have to move each and every single cut made... Which is not even an option.

I downloaded DaVinci Resolve 16 and I'm starting the editing process again from zero (and I'm also learning a new Video Editing software in the process... wish me luck).

Well, I hope I manage to get "Behind the scenes of ReaDone" out as soon as possible, a new post on the blog will follow.

Kitarraman, out.

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