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New video on my YouTube Channel

Hello there! This is the first post on my blog, how exciting! I was thinking of making new videos on my YouTube channel and start posting on the blog also, but I never had the time until now.

So, here we are: ReaDone is a serie where I'll remake famous soundtracks from videogames and movies in my DAW (Reaper) with the purpose of both showing off my craftsmanship and allow my fellow colleagues to take a look at my workflow as well as listening to some interesting Sample Libraries that aren't talked as much as they deserve on forums and such.

In this first episode I decided to show and flex my music muscles by pulling off entirely by ear the themes from Super Mario Bros. I've used ISW's Super Audio Boy, a Kontakt sample library of the original GameBoy (I know, I know... Mario was released for the NES, but these two platforms rocked almost the same audio chipset under their respective hood, so Super Audio Boy fulfilled my needs).

My initial plan was to make a long video where I showed how I figured out by ear and recorded the music but at a certain point I realised it would've been a very boring video (especially for non-musician folks). I still have the video recordings on my computer (it's not the whole recording session though), if any of you is interested in taking a peek at what happens when I record, I can put the videos together and upload them on my YT Channel.

Enough blabbering, here's the link to the video:

Yeah, I know, looks a bit rough around the edges... I'm a noob when it comes to video editing... I tried Hitfilm Express but we didn't... Hit it off (Ba-dum-tsssss) right away.

I've actually landed on OpenShot and Shotcut (the video you just watched/are about to watch, was edited in Shotcut) but I don't feel sure about them as well. Shotcut especially crashed on me so many times during the editing that I lost count. I'm curious about DaVinci Resolve, but I need a free software that supports multiple channels for audio and I couldn't find if it does. I'm not interested in Premiere, I prefer buying a permanent licence instead of renting my professional software. I was curious about Magix's Vegas, but I've been told it doesn't work well with nVidia GPUs.

Ok folks, that'll be it. If you liked my video, don't forget to like, share and subscribe. Also if you feel like suggesting a video editing software or you have some constructive criticism to make, please leave a comment.

Kitarraman, out.

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