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ReaDone's Behind the scenes

Finally, good God. I spent two days editing the footage again but it was worth it.

Oh, yeah, DaVinci Resolve is the stuff of dreams, I have no idea why people recommend ShotCut as a Video Editing software in the first place: it's buggy; the workflow isn't that great to begin with; CTRL+A (the command that fucked up my work) doesn't select all the cuts in the timeline, it appends the currently selected item at the end of the video; doesn't allow multiple selection in the timeline (forcing you to start all the editing from the beginning in case you mess something up in the timeline); if you try navigating the undo history, 80% of the times it will crash everytime.

Enough blabbering, here's the link to the Behind of the scenes:

I don't know if I'll post the next episode on YouTube, I'm obviously getting Content ID claims and I don't want to risk my channel being taken down because of Copyright Infringement... I'll probably upload the following episodes on Vimeo, they're a bit more flexible over there.

See you in two weeks... I don't know yet what I'll do, probably I'm going to make a big surprise.

See ya!

Kitarraman, out.

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